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Five Simple Things to Improve Your Success in Life & in Work

 1.Doing something that YOU Love - most people settle for second best when it comes to career choices, settling for work that pays the bills, yet still leaving them feeling unsatisfied.

However, hard YOU strive in this situation, however dedicated YOU are to doing things to the best of your ability, YOU cannot fully engage and succeed if your heart's not in it.

2. Looking at the bigger picture - even if your role demands that YOU are very attentive to the details, YOU need to take time out to look at the larger context. If not, YOU may not always be able to see how YOU fit in as things change. And, like it or not. things change.

3. Feedback is GOOD - while not everyone is great at giving positive and constructive feedback, YOU should - nevertheless - listen, even if YOU don't agree with it. Once YOU have heard it YOU have the freedom to disregard it. YOU have to use your judgement to see whether the feedback is valid and should be taken on board. A good way to handle feedback is to see it as an opportunity and not personal criticism. Feedback should not be limited to written or verbal assessments of your performance. Feedback is also the outcomes of what YOU are seeking to achieve. If YOU don't get the outcome, take account of that and try something different until YOU get what YOU are looking for.

4. Communicate well - Listening is probably the most important part of Good Communication, yet - if we're honest with ourselves - it's the most challenging. Good listening communicates to others that we're interested in what the other person has to say, that we're polite, that we are open to other people's views, even though we don't always agree, and that our response will be better tailored because we have bothered to listen. Good communication is an important part of better relationships.

5. Get out of your comfort zone now and then. Take a risk. How do YOU develop and improve if YOU always do what you've always