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Five Tips for Turning New Year’s Resolutions into Reality

We’re a fortnight into 2017. How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Whether they’re going well, a bit of a struggle or almost at the point of being ditched, here’s five essential tips to help YOU turn resolutions into reality.

# 1. New Year’s Resolutions Need Working At
There’s nothing inherently different between New Year’s resolution and the other major aims and objectives in your life. Resolutions are not like magic wishes out of a fairy story that will automatically come true because you made them as the clock struck twelve. After the New Year’s party is over, you need to focus, plan and work hard to achieve them successfully. So re-visit your resolution as soon as YOU can after the festivities to really consider how they will be achieved.

# 2. Don’t Make Too Many
Don’t make so many resolutions that they become impossible to achieve or easy to forget that YOU even made them. Remember, resolutions are not magic wishes. You’re the one who’s going to have to achieve them. If YOU are determined to make the future even better than the past, focus on a realistic number. Ideally, one or two resolutions is usually manageable.

# 3. Your Resolutions are About YOU
Is your New Year’s resolution something that YOU really want to do? Or is your resolution based on what YOU feel YOU should be doing? If your heart and mind is not truly in your resolution it’s really going to add to the uphill struggle of achieving it. Even where others, particularly family and loved ones, may benefit from your success, YOU have to focus on the benefits to YOU. Of course, one of the direct benefits to YOU may be seeing the happiness of those loved ones once YOU have achieved your resolution.

# 4. Enjoy the Challenge and Be Realistic
Don’t give up on a resolution because it’s a challenge. It’s supposed to be challenging. If it wasn’t so, there would be no point in resolving to do something. YOU would just keep going on as YOU always had. We set ourselves goals because we want to achieve things and create improvements. Instead of rejecting the challenge, set challenges YOU enjoy.
Of course, while resolutions should offer challenges and not be too easy, they should be realistic and achievable. Don’t set yourself up to fail. Challenges should be challenging, not impossible.

# 5. Focus on the Benefits
Before YOU reach a point where YOU are considering dropping a resolution, focus on the benefits of success: how you will look, feel, sound and generally benefit from achieving success. If YOU are already some of the way through consider and enjoy the small successes you are enjoying along the way. It’s often said that achieving success is are more about the journey, rather than the destination. So an ‘all-or-nothing’ approach can mean giving up on the destination because you are not taking the time to enjoy the journey.

Alamgir Khan