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Five Top Tips for Leaders

Many people would have YOU believe that Leaders are born, not made. Not so. Leadership, like any skill or talent, has to be learnt and continuously developed over time. Obviously, some people might seem to be initially better leaders.

However, if YOU are determined to be the best leader possible, this puts YOU in a better position than someone who doesn't appreciate the importance of having the right mind-set and demonstrating the correct behaviours. Here are 5 tips to becoming a better leader.

1. Leadership by walking about.

Leaders cannot lead if they always remain in their 'ivory towers'. While some senior managers may feel that remaining remote and aloof earns respect, this is usually not the case. How can YOU impart your vision, while also finding out what's going on, if YOU never leave your office?

2. A leader must focus on the 'grand plan', the vision, the direction.

If you're focusing on the small things, who's looking at the big things? Leaders should be appointing the best people they can and then leave them to get on with it. If YOU don't trust them to do the job, aren't YOU just questioning your judgement in hiring them? Monitor their performance, certainly. However, micro-management and Leadership don't make the best of companions.

3. Encourage and reward talent and innovation.

Leadership consists of many roles. To their colleagues, leaders are guides, mentors, coaches and facilitators. No one does it all by themselves and there is no shame in that. Leadership is not about taking all the credit. Leaders have a duty to, not only bring out the best in colleagues, but to encourage and reward their contribution. How else do you nurture the Leaders of the future and insure that you encourage progress and innovation?

4. Act for the 'greater good'.

Leaders are agents of progress, growth and success. To ensure that those things happen they often have to put the interests of the organisation and its people ahead of the Leader's personal interests. As we are all 'only human' and look to survive and thrive, having this quality is often the most challenging. Many people often find it hard to differentiate between personal benefit and the greater good. A Leader knows the difference and has the mindset to be able to make the harder choice when required. If YOU need any consolation, the 'greater good' can also turn out to be in the Leader's good too, especially if they believe in their organisation.

5. Be BOLD. Think BIG.

Finally, whether YOU are a Leader in a big organisation with a large workforce, or a Leader in a growing firm where YOU also have to do much of the day-to-day management, ensure that you take time to look at where YOU want to be, not just where YOU happen to be now. Without vision or aims for the future, how are YOU and your organisation going to plan to meet those goals? Leaders shouldn't be reckless, however, they do have to be bold and take calculated risks.

At AMK Coaching we help people who want to be bold, think big and become great Leaders. If YOU want to find out more about how we can help YOU, contact us.