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Keeping the Customer Satisfied

If YOU are in business for the long-term and most of us are, YOU have to remember that clients are your life-blood.  Not only have YOU got to provide quality goods and services, YOU have to look after your clients. 

 If YOU don't, another company will. 

In order for your business to survive YOU will need a constant, increasing stream of customers.  No firm, however popular, however large, however powerful, can rely solely on attracting new customers.  So repeat custom from existing clients and recommendations by them are very important.

To most of YOU this will be totally obvious.  If so, great!  However, more businesses than YOU probably imagine will think 'we've got loads of customers, if some don't stay with us, so what?'  We think that is very short-term thinking.  So, let's try to explain why this sort of thinking could be very harmful for your business.

First, in business bad news travels faster - and, especially with social media, becomes more widespread - than good news.  Clients are much more likely to complain when something goes wrong and criticise your business, than praise and recommend YOU when things go well. 

Secondly, there's an expression that broadly says it's not the product people buy, it's YOU. If your clients like and trust YOU, not only are they likely to come back again and again, not only are they likely to recommend YOU, but considerations such as price and the actual product or service itself become less important.  If it’s YOU they like and trust, clients may stick with YOU even when you're not the cheapest or have the product brand they thought about buying originally.

Lastly, by getting to know your clients YOU may be able to anticipate their needs and provide solutions.  Sometimes these may be issues that the client is only just realising need to be solved.  If they already know, like and trust YOU, it is very likely that YOU will be the ones they turn to for a solution. 

Alamgir Khan

Coach, Mentor & NLP Master Practitioner

AMK Coaching

11 April 2017

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