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The Focused Five

Do you know about the Focused Five? It’s a way to keep yourself on track. Think about your job. What are the different tasks you undertake on a day to day basis?

Are they what you are supposed to be doing or are they things that you busy yourself with so you don’t have to do what you should be doing?

If this sounds like you, the Focused Five might be a way of keeping on track of your priorities.

Start by creating a five column table and label each column with START, MORE, KEEP, LESS and STOP.

For each of your tasks write them down under:

START if you should do the task but aren’t getting to it at all or not often enough

MORE if you are doing it but should be doing it more often

KEEP if you are spending the right amount of time and effort on a task

LESS if you should focus less time on it

STOP if you should stop doing the task completely

This gives you a breakdown of how you are spending your time and whether you are being distracted by tasks that you shouldn’t be prioritising.

If the results show that you are concentrating on what you should be doing; that’s great, if not think about how you might rearrange your tasks to be more in control of your time and effort.